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Life always gives big opportunities in the form of small hints and grabbing this hint a marketing professional Reetika & self-taught cook Sachin quit their jobs & started a food venture named Papa Kitchens. Sachin is a passionate cook who used to cook only for his friends and family. Reetika is passionate marketing professional. So they both decided to expand the same for their livelihood. and this was a start of Papa Kitchens. It is all about making delicious food, yet healthy, simple yet mouthwatering recipes that prove it. Papa Kitchens today offers Indian and Chinese cuisine. Idea is to bring the taste buds to people so that people have a nice remembrance.

“Food is for eating, and good food with taste is to be enjoyed and we at Papa kitchens make sure that you not only eat your food but enjoy your food. Our mouthwatering dishes (especially allo pyaz ki sabzi) are awesome. The name ALLO PYAZ KI SABZI is very desi but the fact is this dish took more than 3 hours to cook with the ingredient like ALLU, PYAZ, PANEER, MATTAR, KAJU, MAKHANE, etc... And this dish prepared in pure desi ghee without adding water in it. This is our must try dish…..


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