All you need to know about vaisakhi
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Vaisakhi is one of the most prominent religious festival in Sikhism. Celebrated across the whole country, it marks the foundation of ‘Khalsa’ community of Sikhs by the tenth guru of Sikhism ‘Guru Gobind Singh’ jee in 1699. It is also celebrated as a spring festival along with marking the Solar New Year and spring harvest.


On this day Gurdwaras all over the country are decorated and hold satsangs while sharing festive food. People all over, regardless of their caste and religion visit Gurdwaras and celebrate with their Sikh brothers and sisters in complete harmony. On this day Sikh communities organise ‘Nagar Kirtans’ which are led by Five Khalsa who are dressed up as ‘Panj Pyaras’, through the streets.  Foundation of the Panth Khalsa was laid down by Guru Gobind Singh jee on this day that is the Order Of  The Pure Ones, by baptising Sikh warriors to defend religious freedoms.


Also known as ‘Khalsa Srijana Diwas’, Vaisakhi is celebrated majorly not only in North India but also in various other parts of the world preaching love and harmony all over.

Written by :  Utkarsh Upendra

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